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(adult sketches)

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I’m a furry artist / animator, and I’ve been contributing artwork to the fandom since 1998. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and have been doing artwork professionally for about 11 years. I can work with a range of media, but my preference is digital. I sketch the characters by hand, and then color them in Photoshop using a multi-layer technique. I also do some animation work using 3DS Max.


All my life I've felt a strong spiritual connection to the fox. Even as a child, I would draw pictures of foxes and fantasize about being one, as if the fox was somehow part of me. There just seemed to be something sacred about the fox, which I couldn't quite understand. I began drawing anthropomorphic art long before I even knew that there was an actual genre based upon it. For some reason, as I was drawing these images, I found that there was something very personal about them, and found that I didn't want to show these images to anyone else, because of how intensely personal they seemed to me.

This all changed once I found the furry community and realized that there were so many other people who appreciated that type of artwork, and who felt the same about themselves. Nowadays, most of my artwork is either done for fun or by commission, but I still feel that my work is inspired by that spiritual connection, even if the artwork itself isn’t meant to be a statement about spirituality.

Even though I’ve been doing artwork for the furry community since 1998, very little of my older artwork remains online. In 2001 I graduated art college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and, as a result, my artwork saw a vast improvement in quality.

I prefer to color my artwork digitally, but I do all of my sketch work on paper. I have also done work with oil paints, acrylics, and colored pencil. I may start using those mediums again, but for now I feel that my digital work looks better and can be done faster than my work in any other medium.


I often get asked why my artwork is primarily adult-themed. I suppose that the simplest answer is that I enjoy creating that type of artwork. I feel that nudity shows off the natural beauty of the character, and that the act of sex itself is an expression of love and pleasure which I enjoy representing through my artwork.

I also get asked why I don't do more artwork with females. And the answer is simply that, as a gay male, if I'm not specifically commissioned to do work involving females, I tend to draw what appeals to me personally. However, I will draw females on occasion for variety, if I feel that my output has been too overwhelmingly male in general =)


I’ve been working with 3D animation since around 1995. I started when I was in high school with a program called Truspace3. It was a pretty simple, entry-level program but playing around with it taught me the basic concepts of modeling, texturing, animating, etc… within a 3D animation package. I eventually upgraded to 3DS Max, which is the package that I’m currently using. I haven’t had any formal training with the software, so I’ve been learning as I go <=)

I eventually hope to create more of a variety of animation, involving different characters and different situations which would appeal to a larger audience. Unfortunately, 3D animation is a very complex and lengthy process, and it’s difficult for me to find time to devote to it on a regular basis.


I've been out of the convention circut for a few years for financial reasons, but I finally made it back to Anthrocon 2012, and will be at FurFright this year as well. I plan to attend Anthrocon 2013, but probably won't have a dealer's table. I will most likely be in Artist Alley though.