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(adult sketches)


In order to make my animations more accessible, I've decided to post them on this page in the format of progressive Flash videos, which can be viewed directly on my website. You'll need Flash Player 9 or higher to view them. This is a brand-new format I'm trying out, so please let me know of any problems or suggestions on how I can make things better =)

A Fox in the Stable: 2011

My highly anticipated video featuring my Taurin Fox character and the stallion I recently modeled for my "Horseplay" video.

Download as MP4 file (104MB) (high speed server)

Download as MP4 file (104MB)

Horseplay: '10

After four years, I'm finally ready to release a new animation! This one involves a brand-new stallion character which I just finished, and intend to use in upcoming projects.

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13 MB Download as WMV

12 MB Download as MPEG4

Taurin and the Water Tentacles: '05

As Taurin tries to find his way out of the maze of passageways and laboratories that make up this underground facility, he finds himself in an odd room, empty except for a calm pool of water. Unknown to Taurin however, this room is far from empty, and its occupants have something in store for the unsuspecting fox.

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44 MB Download Compressed with DivX

Taurin and the Yiffing Machine: '03 - '10

This is what happens when you let a fox design an exercise machine. As you can imagine, certain parts are being "exercised" more than others!

Music and sounds by Fann

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26 MB Download as MPEG

Diamond Storm: '02

I've spent several months constructing my new Taurin character and I'm finally finished! (mostly ;)

This is a test animation I did of Taurin performing Renamon's Diamond Storm attack on an Evil Box™

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11.5 MB Download Compressed with DivX

The Water Tentacle: '98

This was my first attempt at making a water tentacle animation. It was done in 1998, and rendered on a 233 MHZ Pentium2 computer with 256 MB of RAM.

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2.4 MB Download Compressed with DivX