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Raped Vixen
By Wild Wolf

She wandered through the forest for some time until she finally found a clearing. "Finally!" she thought to herself as she stepped out of the dense forest. "That's the last time I try to take a shortcut somewhere. Now I don't know where the hell I am," she mumbled as she strolled into the clearing. She had been trying to get to a friend's den when she decided to try and beat the storm and try to find a shorter path through the woods that her den was located near. But as she wandered, she became hopelessly lost and by this time, the storm was right on her heals and it was beginning to rain.

"Damn it, now it's beginning to rain! I'm gonna be soaked before I find shelter....wait a sec, it looks like I'm in luck! There's an old looking farm house in the distance! I can hide out in the cellar until the storm passes." At least that's what she thought as she began making her way towards the seemingly harmless house. Little did she know what would await her when she arrived. It was really starting to pour when she finally reached the house. After a minute or two of searching, she finally found the storm cellar. "Perfect! Things are finally starting to go my way. I'll just spend the night here to let the storm pass. It doesn't look like anybody lives here so I don't think anyone will mind."

While she got herself comfortable in the cellar, the wolf that lived in the house had seen her from his attic and had decided to keep a close eye on her. "What luck!" he thought to himself as he watched her enter the cellar. "I won't have to go hunting in this storm to get my dinner after all." Once he was sure that she wouldn't hear him, he snuck outside and locked the cellar door to prevent his prey from escaping. Meanwhile down in the cellar, the vixen had rigged up a makeshift bed in one corner. "This place looks rather well kept. It must not have been abandoned for very long. If the rest of the house looks this good I might just move right on in. It sure beats that hole in the ground of a den I had to dig just outside of town."

All the while, the wolf had been listening at the cellar door inside the house carefully, waiting quietly for just the right time. Soon he decided he would just go down and surprise the vixen as he began to get rather impatient. The vixen heard the upstairs door open and close and she nearly screamed in surprise as she turned to see the wolf descending the steps. "So how do you like my house..." he said with very little emotion in his face. "Oh god, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that someone lived here. I was just hoping to spend the night here and avoid the storm outside, it's raining pretty hard already and I can hear the wind beginning to pick up."

She began to get worried when she noticed his face when he reached the bottom of the steps where the light was hanging. "I don't take very kindly to strangers just waltzing in and making themselves at home in my basement..." Now she really began to worry and backed slowly towards the outer cellar door where she came in. "I'm sorry sir, I'll leave..." she then turned to push open the door but she found that it had been locked. This only added to her fears as she shook the door hard. "Umm...the door seems to be jammed..." she managed to say as she turned to see the wolf right behind her. "Its not jammed..." he said with the same cold expression on his face, only this time he had this sinister smile on his muzzle.

"W-What do you mean..." she stammered as she backed into the corner, trying to avoid him. "I think you know just what I mean," he said. She bolted past him from the corner and headed to the upstairs door only to find that one locked as well. "Don't bother trying to leave, because this is now your home for the rest of your life." The vixen started to panic and yelled out at the top of her lungs knowing that she was in big trouble now. The wolf dragged the vixen down the steps rather harshly by her hair. "Let me tell you what I do with trespassers in my house. I'm going to make you my little fuck toy for a few days before I finally decide to have you for dinner!"

"You can't do that! I'm a furr just like you are!" she screamed but it seems the wolf could care less what she thinks as she is just a toy to him now. "Hush now, I have something for you." He pulled out a box and opened it up revealing a wide assortment of items clearly designed around inflicting pain. He pulled out a pair of cuffs and dragged her over to a beam that went from the floor to the ceiling and bound her paws around it so her back was to it.

"There we go, now you won't be going anywhere at all but just to be safe, I think I'll do one last thing." And with this, he pulled out two leather straps and tied one leg to an eye bolt screwed into the floor and the other leg to a nearby metal pole, forcing the poor vixen's legs wide open, exposing both holes to her captor. This only served to renew her struggles. "Let me go right now! I mean it!" The wolf only grew angry at hearing this. He leans in slowly, looking into her eyes just before he slaps her across the face hard, barking out "DON'T YOU EVER RAISE YOUR VOICE TO ME BITCH OR I'LL TIE YOU UP AND TOSS YOU OUT IN THE RAIN TO FREEZE ALL NIGHT!"

This sudden outburst snapped her out of her little fit, forcing her to realize just how dire the situation was. She began to sob quite a lot and this was wearing on the wolf's nerves. "Oh great, I got another crier on my hands, it looks like I'm going to have to gag you before you really start the waterworks." And at this, he pulls a ball gag out of the box he opened and forces it into her muzzle, stretching it painfully wide as he straps it in, affectively muffling anything else she might have wanted to say.

It's about then that the vixen noticed the wolf's huge canine cock that had already erected to its full height of nearly ten inches. "Heh, do you like what you see bitch? I bet you do because you're getting all wet down here." He then reached down and roughly began to tug at her clitty which made her squeal in a mix of pain and pleasure. She tried to close her legs or at least move out of his reach but she was bound so tightly that movement was nearly impossible.

As much as she wanted to deny it, she knew he was right, this was beginning to turn her on big time. She had fantasies about being tied up and used like this before but then she was a willing subject. She began to sob through the gag again as he continued to abuse her clit just to make her squeal and this only annoyed him. "Don't you want this nice thick cock pounding deep inside you bitch? Hmm?" As he talked, she kept shaking her head frantically, trying to deny the feelings that were starting to well up inside her. Her mind kept telling her this was wrong but her body was screaming for more and the wolf knew it.

He leaned in and whispered softly to her as he began to push three fingers slowly and deeply into her tunnel, "I can see it in your eyes bitch....I can see the desire welling up inside you. Submit yourself to me, give me your body and I might just let you live." Tears began to run down into her cheek fur, matting it down as he spoke. She let out a soft moan through the gag as he invaded her most intimate region and this only delighted him. She still kept shaking her head no but the wolf knew what he was doing as he had apparently done this many times before to many different females.

"It seems I'll have to do a little more convincing bitch." And with that, he knelt down between her open thighs and pressed the tip of his thick hard cock to her damp opening and began to impale her with his thick shaft, drawing out a long pleasured moan from behind the gag. The first couple inches of his cock went in rather easily. He stopped at about four inches in and whispered to her once again, "Don't deny it bitch, you want this badly. I can feel it in your tight cunt my little bitch."

Her cheeks were soaked with tears at this point as he teased and tortured her mind and body. She knew he was right, she was enjoying this...or at least her body was enjoying this at any rate. The wolf pushed his cock in another couple inches until it was about half way in. He just held it there and watched her face. Her cheek fur was totally damp at this point. He was winning the fight and he knew it. It was only a matter of time before she gave in completely. Slowly, he began to thrust into her quivering pussy, pulling almost all the way out only to push his massive member back in again.

The vixen began to moan more than sob through the gag now as he started to thrust, feeling her body responding quickly. She began to struggle all over again but just like last time, it was all in vain, the straps holding her legs in place were just tied too tightly. The wolf was moaning out loud as he began to use the vixen. He deliberately kept his thrusting slow and long, letting the vixen fume over what was happening to her. Slowly but surely her crying stopped all together, leaving just her moans of pleasure.

It was taking all his self control but the wolf kept himself from cumming into her. He then leaned down and whispered to her again. "Let yourself go bitch, give in to your desire, I know you want to. You must be so horny at this point, bitch. I bet you want my cock slamming into your tight little slit. All you have to do is say two little words and it will happen." She couldn't hold out much longer and she knew it, she knew it was only a matter of time before her desires overpowered her self-control completely.

By this time, she was moaning quite loudly through the gag and, despite her desperation and fear, she began to grind back into his cock softly as her body screamed for release. It was then that the wolf stopped his thrusting into her, letting his cock lay still buried deep inside the poor vixen's pussy. "Going to be tough are we? Well I think I'll just leave you down here for the night bitch and let you think about what I've said so far. Oh, before I go back upstairs, let me just tell you that I expect you to give me an answer when I check on you again or you will be sent on a one way trip to my oven bitch." The wolf then just stood up with not even a second thought and went back upstairs into his house leaving the poor vixen to her thoughts.

It was about five am when she woke up again. "What's happened to me?" she thought to herself as she sat there, wishing that at least her paws were free so she could do something about the urges that the wolf had built up in her that had yet to die down. Her mind raced with thoughts of what would happen to her if she continued to refuse the wolf. Pictures of being inside an oven cooking alive popped into her head over and over and it was scaring her witless. She didn't even know if the wolf would keep his word even if she did submit to him.

There was nothing keeping him from just killing her if he so wished. After the horrors of world war three, there wasn't much left of the world, not even the once mighty governments had survived the tragedy so there was nobody to enforce wide spread law on those that survived. Oh sure, there were a few that tried, but they often failed in their attempts. In the aftermath, chaos reclaimed the land. The only law that had any affect anymore was 'eat or be eaten'. This was truer in the wild lands then anywhere. After the war had ended, a few towns and even a city or two had popped up here and there in places like where New York had once been but not as grand.

The vixen kept trying to get some sleep but the fact that she couldn't move very far and that she was still horny as hell made that rather hard and soon morning shone in through the lone window in the basement of the wolf's house. "Oh god, its morning! He will be coming for me soon!" she thought to herself as she sat there and soon enough she heard the door open as the wolf descended into the basement to stand in front of her, already sporting a hard on. "Don't worry bitch, I'll give you a little more time to think while I take care of this morning wood with your tits."

And with that, he leaned in and grabbed her breasts tightly and forced them together painfully around his cock as he began to thrust between her large furred orbs, growling softly now and then. All she could do was watch as the wolf used her breasts like some toy, hating every moment in her mind, but her body told a completely different story all together. This was making her wetter than last night to see the wolf using her body to his own ends. Soon the wolf was picking up speed as he neared his climax, causing him to grip the poor vixen's breasts harder, digging his claws into her tender skin.

This caused her to whimper just as his climax hit, making him cum onto her chin, and making a bit of a mess on her chin and cheek fur as his seed splattered all over. The vixen began to cry all over again as this happened, having finally decided that she wanted to live more then anything. Meanwhile, the wolf had pulled away from her now bleeding breasts and was cleaning off his still hard cock as he knelt between her legs once again, looking into her eyes.

"So what do you say bitch? Will you submit to me?" The look on her face was all he needed to see and he smiled evilly. "Good girl. I might just let you live with me here and make you my little fuck toy." The vixen at this point was broken in both mind and body. She no longer cared what happened to her, just as long as she survived it. The wolf simply looked over his new prize with delight in his eyes, already planning out what he will do with his new toy. "First bitch, I'm going to have some fun with you and if you be a good girl I might feed you tonight."

With this, he pushed his throbbing cock hard into her pussy, not caring that it hurt like hell to her that he slammed in so harshly. He began with a harsh rhythm, slamming into his new toy hard and fast, growling deeply in pleasure as he used his new bitch. All she could do was moan in agonizing pleasure as she was used by this strange wolf. Her deepest desires were now coming true, more then she had ever dreamed they would and now that she was experiencing what she had fantasized about for so long, she wasn't sure that this was what she really wanted anymore.

The wolf kept pounding away into the vixen's cunt, moaning out loudly as his climax neared once again. He then wrapped his strong paws around her throat and squeezed down hard as he slammed into her, delighting in seeing her suffering. All the poor vixen could do was cough and gag as she was mercilessly raped and abused by this wolf. Soon enough, much to the vixen's horror, his grip suddenly got much tighter as she threatened to pass out completely from the lack of air as he came into his bitch. After a few moments, he finally let go of her throat, allowing her to breathe again.

She took in a quick breath, panting hard as she too had reached climax while she was being choked mercilessly. With a soft sigh, the wolf stood up and turned to go back upstairs again. "Good girl, bitch. I think I'll keep you around for a while. I'm going to have fun with you," he said with a cold smile on his face. He then disappeared back through the door, having turned out the light, leaving the vixen to her thoughts for god knows how long before he decides he wants her again.