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(adult sketches)
(adult sketches)


The DivX codec is required to view some of my animations.

I've recently switched to Flash as my primary animation distribution method, but I do still have some downloadable videos which are encoded with DivX. I plan to eventually move away from DivX entirely in favor of a more common file type.

I'm currently using DivX 5.02 to encode things. Version 5.02 will play all previous animations as well.

You can go to to download the latest Codec, or else download DivX 5.02 for Windows directly from this site.

Remember, when you install DivX, just install the codec, not the player. Windows Media Player works much better than "The Playa" that comes in the DivX bundle.

**Note: version 5.02 does not contain spyware or adware. If you're downloading the newest version from, make sure you know what you're downloading ;)